Asteven rolling out 20000 PAYGO Solution in Nigeria. #LightUpNaija

The 20000 PAYGO Solution will be distributed within  4 region of Nigeria poorest rural communities in the South South, South West, South East and North) this will help in eradicating energy poverty in local communities.

However, ASTEVEN does not give the solar portable system away freely but sells them through its social partners, Independent Business Owners (IBOs) . The Pay As You Go Solutions will enable individual to afford the smart kits at a stipulated period of time with recharge cards.

Yes! Whether it’s by fundraising, spreading awareness of our work or getting your companies, schools or any other organisations your involvement will save life’s and also kick energy poverty out of Nigeria rural communities, this will enrich the younger generations and motivate the ASTEVEN GROUP mission – join us, Together we can make clean energy affordable to all in Africa. #LightUpNaija

3 thoughts on “Asteven rolling out 20000 PAYGO Solution in Nigeria. #LightUpNaija

  1. But for the ecofriendly program on TV, I would not know about your company. I am interested in becoming an installer as there is great potential in solar. Do you offer training and how much is it. Thank you.
    Onasanya Ola

    • Thank you Mr Ola, kindly pay a visit to any of our office close to your region or call the customer hotlines for inquires 07061875947, 07060811403

  2. I am in nasarawa state and I will like to install solar power in my house what are your tariff.

    Christiana Abimiku

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