At sidelines of the African Climate Week. Enters Partnership with Just Care foundation.

by Christian Akpos

Lucy Apeajei had to start working to support her single mother at the very tender age of 10 years. It was not what she had dreamt off but it was the only way to help her mother make ends meet. So many girls of that age, who find themselves in that situation, hardly ever come out of the drudgery of that experience and in most cases; they eventually become victims of societal fails or human predators.

But Lucy was lucky. She was fortunate to come across a woman conducting an empowerment campaign in her neighbourhod and the message from that encounter changed her whole life and led to her becoming what she is today, ‘a very strong and passionate advocate for community and girl child development’.

That message “Believe in yourself and go for anything you want to be”, is a message that has stayed with her as an inspiration and Lucy is passionate about impacting it to other girls who have found themselves in desperate situations.

At the last day of the African Climate Week, held in Accra, Ghana, Lucy’s organization, the Just Care Foundation, entered into a partnership with Asteven Energy Group, to sponsor, train and empower over 20 disadvantaged girls on entrepreneurship. They shall be trained on technical skills and products training. The girls shall also development mentors and pass through a business incubation phase to ensure their success. And to cap it off, they were inducted into the ‘One Child, One Solar Light’ African campaign as Green Ambassadors.

“We are invested in empowering Africa’s Children and our concern is ensuring that every child in Africa gets the opportunity of living a good life filled with purpose. Through our focus on climate change and green economy, we provide them with the necessary tools and skillsets to be green entrepreneurs”, says Dr. Sunny Akpoyibo, President of Asteven Energy Group.



Dr. Sunny Akpoyibo, President of Asteven Energy Group speaking to the empowered green ambassadors after partnership signing with Just Care Foundation.


This is one of the tenets of the African Climate Week; one of the three regional meetings leading up to the United Nations Climate Summit later in the year. And the organizers are indeed proud of this partnership. ‘I am quite excited at having been able to facilitate this partnership for Sustainable Development’ gushed Dr Paul Abolo, lead consultant of Ecologistics Ltd, organizers of the event.

And this is not a gimmick as it is indeed, a marriage of passion and like minds. Asteven Energy Group, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Akpoyibo Green Foundation, has just come out from hosting the first ever youth football and green empowerment forum in Abuja, Nigeria. At that forum, over 300 youths were trained on Solar Entrepreneurship whilst providing an avenue for them to indulge their passion as potential professional footballers. The forum also provided an opportunity to train them on life skills and understand the concept of green economy and environmental awareness.

Arguably the largest indigenous Renewable energy company in West Africa, Asteven Group through its subsidiary arms; the Akpoyibo Green Foundation and Renewable Energy Academy has trained, within the last 12 months, over 2000 youths, male and female. Now, that is saying a lot.

But this story is not about Asteven Group. Neither is it about the Just Care Foundation or the African climate Week. It is about the opportunity for these newly inducted green ambassadors to preach the message of environmental awareness, green growth and climate change mitigation throughout the whole of Africa; taking Africa’s street children off the streets and into the fields and boardrooms of Africa. It’s an opportunity to change the economic and energy poverty narratives of Africa.


Far right in black top; Lucy Apeajei, Founder, Just Care Foundation with cross section of the empowered girls.


It’s about the 20 street children who have been given a life changing opportunity to rewrite their stories and live their dreams.



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