Asteven Launches AS Solar Business Hub

One Woman One Solar Kiosk.

Asteven Energy Group has launched an innovative campaign gender empowerment campaign, “One Woman-One SolarKiosk in Nigeria”. This is an already implemented campaign targeted at empowering women business entrepreneurs in Nigeria and West Africa

At ASTEVEN, we believe in investing in the African Woman. We have known over time that the African Woman is industrious and self-reliant, energetic and elegant; as such most women are entrepreneurs. We have seen, in our own experience and as shown in other projects in developing African countries, that women have a strong sense of responsibility and make sound economic choices and we choose to provide our services to supporting women in developing businesses and leadership skills.

The Company has therefore launched the Solar kiosk, also known as the AS Solar Business Hub, to empower the African Woman. The Solar Kiosk is a business in a box. The Solar kiosk is fully powered by a 1.2KW Smart solar System, inclusive a 105Ltr Chest Freezer, 19inch LED TV, Fan and other items This is a unique opportunity to have a branded, already made mobile phone charging kiosk with the ability to charge simultaneously, 50 mobile phones and stock a wide range of consumer products..

AS Solar Business hub provides affordable and sustainable alternatives, which will significantly redefine the energy market in remote regions and, as a result, reverse the negative impact on the local environment, which makes owning a business with 24/7 clean energy power supply and creating jobs for over 3 persons, no more a dream but reality.

The Kiosk (AS Solar Hub) comes with a unique design, with easily moveable, strong, efficient components; which can withstand all natural elements, while keeping its form. We have considered various regions, from coastlines to uptowns, rough terrains and city hubs in its design, and we have specifically achieved reliance of its build and innovation to suit any of these locations when installed.

To ensure an easy procurement system and build a sustainable network of solar power kiosks; Green Energy Finance has been appointed as the official Financing partner for the deployment of AS Solar kiosk and use of the PAYGO installment Solution scheme in Nigeria.

To broaden the services and products on offer as well as the skills and knowledge of owners of the business hubs, each kiosk comes with free entrepreneurship and maintenance training; with Asteven Energy providing a unique distribution outlet and information sharing resource for its partners.

Asteven Group is ready to partner with business/cooperative societies, SME’s, private entrepreneurs’, government agencies and empowerment programs to empower the African Woman.

Join us in achieving this feat and make the African Woman an embodiment of positive social and economic values.


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