Asteven Group of companies has launched its first phase of Solar Home System production and assemblage plant in Nigeria. The company through a subsidiary Asteven international Company Limited in May 2020 started local production and assemblage of the solar generator, all in one solar street light and other small solar products in Nigeria.

The Solar company Brand ASTEVEN Solar known as AS Solar has two Assemble plant in Ogun State and one power station for the production of plug & Play solar Generator (PNP Series 20W, 50W and 80W System), Pay as you go Solar System(PG Series15W, 20W, 50W and 80W system), AIO Solar Street Light (5W, 10W, 30W, 40W, 60W, 90W and 100W) and Pico solar system for the Nigerian Energy Market.

The Purpose of Opening the Production Line in Nigeria.

The assemblage plant was initiated by Dr Sunny Akpoyibo CEO of Asteven Group of Companies and also the national president of the Council for Renewable Energy Nigeria (CREN). He said the Assemblage will solve basic energy challenge and tackle energy poverty in Nigeria, as Nigeria now assemble its own solar-powered system amid the COVID 19 Pandemic without sourcing for solar product from a foreign country which is very expensive because shipping cost, The National President of CREN also said this will boost and drive the renewable energy sector in Nigeria as a local production line and assembling plant has already started max production of its component and Assemblage of Nigeria home base solar products for residential home use.

The AS Solar home system is now very much affordable to low-income earners and to the Nigeria Energy Market because it is locally produced and assembled here in our own country.

The benefit.

The local production and assemblage of the solar home system plant here in Ogun State Nigeria have..

1. Create Green Jobs.

2. Easy Solar Product Access and supply channel.

3. Wholesale pricing to all AS Solar Agents and Distributors.

4. 100% Guaranteed on products.

5. Lifetime Warranty Coverage.

6. Aftersales Services.

7. Technical support team.

8. Components parts and Accessory Market place.

The assembled plant will provide a solar energy system for individual home use, thereby giving its users freedom and control over electricity supply. meaning millions of rural homes will no longer depend on the national greed for their energy needs. The cost of purchase will be reduced drastically for local citizen to afford as this will reduce indoor and outdoor pollution.

This solar energy system will replace the use of traditional smoky lamps for lighting and smoky, noisy generator from Nigeria homes and most of all it will be sold at a surprise low price for our Agents and distributors marketers in Nigeria and Africa.

The Centre of excellence will be open for visitors to come in and see our assemblage facilities for next 2 months.

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