Nature Capital

The present state of Climate Change and Global warming, has create the need for Energy conservation, this is an important element that can reap immediate reductions in CO2 emissions. In line with our energy policy, we aim at educating customers and public at large to reduce energy wastage and increase energy efficiency. We believe that energy conservation is the most economical solution to energy shortages that our continent is facing. We strive to be energy efficient by being conservative in our approach to energy utilization and also utilizing energy efficient devices. Some of the projects that we have implemented are:


  • replacing the use of gasoline generator to solar energy systems.


  • Switchover the energy efficient lighting likes CFLs and standardizing LED lighting.


  • Replacing the electric water heaters with solar water heaters in residential homes and hotels.


  • Solar based LED lighting in selected areas; LED based street lighting.


  • Replacing heavy duty electric water pump to solar water pump.


  • Replace kerosene lights with solar reading light.


  • Building Capacity/standard workforce in the clean energy sector.


  • Replacing smoky stoves, wood fire with clean cooking stove

Restoring Nature's Capital

We must proposes an action lead group for businesses, governments, and civil society to reverse ecosystem degradation.