Sustainability at AS Solar

We have always believed in driving a brighter, sustainable future for all. We take a holistic approach to sustainability, ensuring that our solutions do not only provide sustainable energy, but that they are also manufactured, deployed and managed in a sustainable way. Our goal is to play a greater role in stimulating the adoption of efficiency and sustainability practices in doing business in Africa, with our customers, partners, stakeholders and employees across the world.

AS Solar believes strongly in resource conservation, energy efficiency, habitat protection and the enrichment and development of local communities in and around our areas of operations. We are working to set standards in the development and implementation of cutting-edge eco-friendly technologies and processes for energy management. We are collaborating with policymakers and regulators to advance technology, strengthen our renewable energy portfolio, accelerate the development of cost-effective energy-efficiency programmes and manage consumer demand for clean electricity. We understands that it must function in tandem with its stakeholders to make significant progress on sustainability. Our track record - a century of innovation and leadership in the energy industry - gives us the confidence to find ways that address sustainability issues in a manner that will deliver benefits to Africa.